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B Name Meaning Gift | Female | Digital Prints


 letter art gifts About my Name Meaning Artwork...

Your name is special... it says a lot about you. Its meaning can be ancient or modern. My exclusive name art celebrates the heritage & personality behind a name.

If you are looking for a really unique gift to celebrate a special person or milestone event, this eye-catching wall décor name art from Letter Art Gifts certainly has a ‘wow’ factor. 

  🎁 150 Female "B" First Names to gift... over 2,000s Girls Names  
            📜 See Female "B" list 📜 names below ⬇⬇⬇ 

You will receive four digital files of the First Name you order within 24 hours to get printed locally.  See example...

🎁 GIFTING OCCASSION: Birthdays, Communion, Confirmation, Christmas, Thank You, Friendship Appreciation, Bridesmaids, Groomsman, Christening, First Birthday, Teacher, Co-worker, Boss, Leaving, Farewell, Good Luck, Retirement etc. etc.

➡  WHAT WILL YOUR RECEIVE?   -   4 high definition 300 dpi files:                  
1. 8"x10" HD Digital JPG - Color NAME, Color Name Meaning, Black background
2. 8"x10" HD Digital JPG - Black & White NAME , Color Name, Black background
3. 8"x10" HD Digital JPG - Color NAME, Gold Name Meaning, Black background
4. 8"x10" HD Digital JPG - Color NAME, Color Name Meaning, White background

💖 The White Background with Color Name & Letter Art: perfect for Baby Showers, Christenings, Birthdays, Communions, Confirmations.
💖  The Black Background with GOLD lettering has a very classy look, ideal for Milestone Birthdays 18th 21st 30th 40th 50th or as a  duo set for a Wedding or Anniversary gift.
💖 The Color or Black & White Letter Art with rich contrasting name art would make a great gift for friends or family, a co-worker leaving or end of year teacher gift.

➡  WHEN WILL YOU RECEIVE YOUR FILES?                                                             
Within 24 hours of order completion.

➡  HOW WILL YOUR RECEIVE YOUR FILES?                                                            
You will receive an email with a link to your HD files.

➡  WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THE DIGITAL FILES?                                                
1. Print home or Work using a photo printer.
2. Locally using a high street printers (e.g. Staples, Walgreen, FedEx Kinko, Costco, Officeworks, Boots)
3. Upload to an online printer (e.g. Shutterfly, AdoramaPix, Snapfish, Photobox).
The artwork is best printed on heavyweight matte paper, either photo paper or smooth card stock.

1. In the "Add your personalization" box tell me the FIRST NAME* (max 9 letters)
2. Add to Cart.
📜 *See available Female "A" list 📜 names below ⬇⬇⬇
🎨The digital print colors & text can not be personalized/changed


🎁 The 8"x10" can be framed in a 8"x10" FRAME and given as a gift or turned into a "guest book" signing gift by using a 11"x14" frame with 8"x10" Mat opening so guests can sign around the Mat.

Digital Product Only - NO physically printed item or frame will be shipped

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letter art gifts

📜 Female "B" list 📜 Names 

Bailee ~ Bailey ~ Barbara ~ Baylee ~ Bayleigh ~ Baylie ~ Beatrice ~ Beatrix ~ Beckie ~ Becky ~ Belen ~ Belinda ~ Bella ~ Belle ~ Bentley ~ Berkeley ~ Berkley ~ Bernadette ~ Bertha ~ Beth ~ Bethany ~ Betsy ~ Betty ~ Beverly ~ Bianca ~ Billie ~ Blair ~ Blaire ~ Blake ~ Blakelee ~ Blakeleigh ~ Blakely ~ Blayne ~ Blythe ~ Bonnie ~ Braelyn ~ Braelynn ~ Brailey ~ Brandi ~ Brandy ~ Braxtyn ~ Braylee ~ Braylei ~ Braylin ~ Breana ~ Breanna ~ Breannah ~ Breanne ~ Bree ~  Breelyn ~ Brenda ~  Brenna ~  Bria ~ Briana ~ Brianna ~ Briannah ~ Brianne ~ Briar ~ Bridget ~ Bridgette ~ Briella ~ Brielle ~ Brigid ~ Brigita ~ Brigitte ~ Briley ~ Brinley ~ Brinn ~ Bristol ~ Britany ~ Britney ~ Brittany ~ Brittney ~ Britton ~ Brittyn ~ Bronwen ~ Bronwyn ~ Brooke ~ Brookelynn ~ Brooklen ~ Brooklin ~ Brooklyn ~ Brooklynn ~ Bryana ~ Bryanna ~ Bryce ~ Brylee ~ Bryn ~ Brynlee ~ Brynlei ~ Brynleigh ~ Brynley  Brynlie ~ Brynn ~ Brynne

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